Does not compute

I’m having computer problems. I’ve looked at a bunch of resources for dealing with Win98 hanging during startup, involving Msgsrv32. The problem is it could be a lot of things causing it to hang. Msgsrv32 not responding is just a symptom of whatever it is. I stayed up late working on it last night and, for a while, I made it worse. I uninstalled some programs. I uninstalled and reinstalled Norton Antivirus.

I did find that the hanging problem doesn’t happen when I keep programs from starting up at Windows startup (using msonfig). I’ll probably have to try one program at a time to see if I can narrow it down to just one that’s causing a problem. Now, as soon as I figure this out, I can start trying to figure the shutdown problem. Actually, it might be related. But then again it might not.

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