My very first blog

Hi Guys,

Never blogged before … but it seemed like a good way to announce my engagement. A couple of weeks ago I popped the question to Carrie Campbell and she said “yes.” The wedding is set for May 29 … as long as we don’t elope before then 🙂 The wedding will be at Carrie’s home church in Monmouth. Carrie and I haven’t been dating very long but I’ve known her for 5 years. She went to LCC with Trent and that’s how we met. I’m the last of the Fuzzy Couchers to fall to the (wedding) ring. Resistance is futile.

Also … I’ve just bought a house in Lincoln. I got a bargain on a house at an auction. It’s on 10th Street between Union and Elm. Carrie’s going to live at the 10th Street house until the wedding and I’m staying in my mom’s basement … not cool. I had been living in Rushville where I was going to church but I’ve moved back to Lincoln and I’m working for my Dad at the print shop.

That’s the latest from Lincoln. Oh … Kroger’s moved to the Eagle’s location. I prefer the old Kroger’s myself. Maybe it will grow on me.

New at blogging,


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