Since you’re posting halloween pics, here is Utini’s costume. He didn’t really go to a party or anything, but we saw it at Goodwill and I grabbed it.

I didn’t put a costume together this year. I wasn’t sure if I’d be going to the party this year or not, so I put it off. Turns out I went and got to feel like a tool. Last year I was a “fallen angel” and the year before I was a “cowboy ninja.” Some of the costumes I was thinking about for this year were: whoopie cushion, bannana, plug and socket (that I’d have to share with someone else), and tequilla bottle.

At Ultimate practice Wednesday we played indoors for the first time. The UIS guys secured use of the gym for us for a couple hours. As a field, it is seriously short, but it was nice not to freeze our skinkers off.

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