Playtime weekend: Troy

I usually pre-order my video games months in advance. It helps me manage my game spending since I don’t go “shopping” for games. Instead I research games ahead of time and know exactly which ones I’m going to award my dollars to for the next 3 months. This cuts down on impulse game purchases when I feel bored with my current selection and also saves me from obtaining sub-par games on a whim. So I’m saving money, spacing out my hobby over the year, and obtaining the best quality games.

Imagine my surprise when one of my planned purchases was released early! I had planned on obtaining Amped 2 (cool online snow-boarding game) in October, and Rainbow Six 3 (realistic Tom Clancy tactical game) in November. They were both released on Wednesday, so when I arrived home this weekend I had 2 really great games vying for my attention! I spent most of my weekend playing games online with pals from The Brotherhood (an online gaming tribe).

I did manage to squeeze in a few other activities around all of my game playing.. I saw a movie, Runaway Jury, on Saturday afternoon with my wife and on Sunday we started some new friendships (Scott&Jamie, Jim&Jenn, Christopher&Toni <- more for my memory) from church on Sunday. We had lunch with some of them after church and plan on getting together on Friday nights to participate in their small group study. Very awesome weekend 🙂

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