‘Your name is a killing word’

“Woonsocket”: That’s a fun name. I was also thinking in the car today, that I like the word “nozzle.” It is just kinda fun to say.

We have some new neighbors. They are just starting to move in. I don’t think they are actually staying overnight yet, but it should start happening soon. I also have yet to meet them. I’m shy, so that may not actually happen. We’ll see. It has been nice not having anyone living next door.

I am upset that CBS and NBC both decided to NOT show their regular programing because of baseball. I could care less about watching sports — except sumo and then just highlights and maybe a couple other things but also just highlights — but the majority rules, I guess. I would have gone to the movies if I had known. “Lost in Translation” or “Kill Bill” both look good.

Did you see Roger Ebert’s review of “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”? Zero stars — ha!

I updated the TroySpotting Map today.

Looks like I get to go to the upcoming Harvest Moon ultimate tourament in Fayetteville, Arkansas. I’ve been the past three years and it has been a good one.

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