Lion’s share

That was a fairly busy weekend.

We started with some coffee and rolls and hit the homecoming parade. We headed over to the soccer game and saw lots of people, chatted, ate a “pedro” and played hacky sack. We ate lunch at Leo’s Pizza then headed over to Goodwill and found some good halloween stuff. We found a Superman costume for Utini.

Some friends came over to the house. The dogs were excited about the babies. We tried to play Star Wars version of the game of Life. It was a little hard to figure it out, but we eventually got it going. Probably just badly-written directions. Then we had dinner at El Rancherito and went to Tiffany Warmowski’s house for a little while. We watched a few episodes of “Fawlty Towers” back at home before retiring for the evening.

Sunday, my parents came down from Lincoln and we went out to breakfast with Josh, Amanda, Bryant, Molly, Wes and Jenna. Then Julie, myself and my parents drove down to St. Louis for “The Lion King.” It was pretty good. I like all the great harmonies in the music. The costumes are pretty cool. The people in front and behind me were talking, though, pretty much throughout the show. And I had to scrunch down and over to see past the woman in front of me. So I was annoyed at that stuff for most of the show.

Then we ate at an Iranian resturant recommended by Amanda. It was great. We had tons to eat, but we got desert to go and ate it when we got back to our house. We watched “Law & Order” before heading back to Lincoln with my mom and dad.

Today, dad and I swept out the cars good (long overdue for my car) and painted the back steps (also long overdue). Also, called Dell and I think I cleared up my sister’s trouble with her DVD/CD-RW drive.

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