Give me coffee and CDs

I got three CDs to tide me over until I can get my hands on Rufus Wainwright’s new album (hopefully today). I got The Weakerthan’s new one, “Reconstruction Site,” which I didn’t quite care for. It reminded me of Semisonic but less clever and more alt-country. Maybe I just need to listen to it some more. You know how that goes. I got Fountains of Wayne, “Welcome Interstate Managers” which I haven’t really listened to yet, and Rosie Thomas’ “Only with Laughter Can You Win,” which was pretty and simple. My Smiths CD is supposed to come in today, too (– fingers remain crossed).

I made coffee for the office today. I don’t usually. I think I must be stingy with the stuff ’cause it tends to turn out too weak. I think it is OK today … maybe a bit weak. I haven’t heard any grumbling about it … yet.

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