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Kitchen for more coffee

My wife and I went to Japan (EPCOT) to buy some Nishiki premium rice and while we were there we noticed some new Spirited Away merchandise!! We both loved the movie and picked up these two items:

A little lapel pin representing an enchanted soot creature … he is actually just sitting on top of our microwave currently

… and a little magnet of the bird friend which makes me smile everytime I go to the fridge 🙂

As I went to get my 4th cup of Starbucks Breakfast Blend from the kitchen, I noticed these guys sitting there, and I knew I had my blog topic for today.

Filched chicken finger

Utini just flipped my tray and bogarted my last chicken finger. I quickly recovered it from his mouth, but it was a bit doggie sogged. I don’t think the five second rule counts if it falls in someone’s mouth. Neither of us get it now.

I’m getting close on the Web site I’ve been putting together for my college professor. He gave me the text today and the photographer brought over the images. I’ve been sizing and optimizing all afternoon and evening. I might finish it tonight and only have to do some touch-ups later in the week.

Update: 11:53 p.m. — OK, I think the site is done now. Check it out here if you want to.

Tiny buttons

Guido, the Steal These Buttons site you sent me is pretty nifty. In fact I am now addicted to the challenges of squeezing in themes/thoughts/ things I like in 80 x 15 pixels worth of space!

Here are my favorites so far… he he he:






Yodel girl

Taylor Ware, 8, whose parents are originally from my town, won the recorded submission portion of the Yahoo! Yodeling Challenge. She now faces about 8 others in the finals. The girl’s grandparents still live here, and I’m pretty sure I bought my couch from one of her relatives. 🙂

Taylor and the other finalists can be found here. I might vote for her. The winner appears in a Yahoo! commercial.

Ginchy GIF

Watch this little animated movie … it’s just GIF file. Pretty neat. I like this guy’s artwork too, if you wanna check the rest of his site out.

That’s a wrap III

Principal photography for Star Wars: Episode III, wrapped yesterday. That means I can hurry up and wait for the planned release is summer 2005.

change finally

Well, after 9 months of being on the same project its finally done for me. I’m anxious to do something different now. This weekend I am going to the beach to take a mini-vacation before my next gig. I’m really looking forward to it. We are staying at this cool place right on the white sandy beaches of the Gulf of Mexico.